3-chamber melting furnace

MultiMelter©, 85t bath content, 240t per day

The MultiMelter© is a three-chamber melting furnace. Thanks to its integrated pyrolysis process, it enables the treatment of heavily contaminated aluminium scrap (organic adhesions), exploiting particularly efficient and environmentally friendly technology. The furnace itself is operated without salt.


  1. Heating chamber
    for melting clean scrap / ingots
    for overheating the baths

  2. Pyrolysis chamber
    for the pyrolysis process
    for melting contaminated scrap

  3. Pumping chamber
    for circulating the contents of the bath in the furnace
    for melting aluminium chips

SFI technology

The heating chamber (1) and pyrolysis chamber (2) are equipped with low NOx burners with SFI technology. This technology enables the simultaneous exploitation of pyrolysis gases and main fuel. Both the German (TA Luft) and European emission limit values are maintained during this process. The pyrolysis gas replaces the main fuel in part. Result: Lower overall consumption.

Air preheating plus waste gas quenching

The regenerator enables the preheating of combustion air with an efficiency of over 90%. Moreover, it acts as a waste gas quencher for dioxins and furan.

Control and visualisation

Safe and convenient: A Siemens S7 takes charge of the control process for the entire furnace. Visualisation of the components ensures that you have all relevant data in view (e.g. temperature, pressure, oxygen content, etc.).

Product sheets MultiMelter©
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