Electromagnetic inductive stirrer

Optimises the melting process:

i-Pump© is an electromagnetic inductive stirrer for molten aluminium treatment. The advantages are homogenous melting and shorter alloying durations.

Electromagnetic inductive stirrer

The electromagnetic inductive stirrer developed by Jasper is used in aluminium melting and casting furnaces. Our goal was to achieve an intensive mass exchange of molten metal and, consequently, speedier heat distribution in the bath. The success has proved us right. Use of an i-Pump© of this design in aluminium furnaces enhances productivity, while also reducing energy consumption and slag formation. In addition, it achieves more stable operating conditions and melting processes with enhanced reproducibility. Put succinctly, it is a product that pays off. The investment in an i-Pump© amortises in less than one year, depending on the application of the installed system.

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