Industrial furnace engineering

Industrial furnace engineering

Global leader: We develop Industrial furnaces and firing systems with regenerator technology for the most varied applications – individually tailored turnkey solutions designed to customer specifications from a single source. What can that mean for you? The following product descriptions will enable you to gain an initial impression. And you are more than welcome to visit our facility for a second insight. Just contact our experts for more information.


3-chamber melting furnace

Efficient and ecological: MultiMelter© is a three-chamber furnace designed for the treatment of heavily contaminated aluminium scrap. 

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Hearth and bath-type melting furnace with regenerator technology

Investment that pays off: The EcoMelter© with regenerator technology is a high-performance hearth and bath-type melting furnace which can also be supplied with a tilting system. 

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Trough charging machine TC or pusher shield charging machine SC

Speedy and simple: Charging with a forklift truck or using lifting and tilting equipment or charging machines. Movable charging machines are even more productive. 

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Aluminium bath treatment for high-pressure die or continuous casting

Clean solution: Aluminium bath treatment for high-pressure die or continuous casting is utilised in casting furnaces of every make and ensures the production of superior-quality aluminium. 

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Electromagnetic inductive stirrer

Optimised melting process: i-Pump© is an electromagnetic inductive stirrer for molten aluminium treatment. The advantages are homogenous melting and shorter alloying durations. 

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At a glance: Our nomogram illustrates initial reference values over savings potential during waste gas regeneration. 

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