Aluminium bath treatment for high-pressure die or continuous casting

Molten metal during treatment

Clean solution:

Aluminium bath treatment for high-pressure die or continuous casting is utilised in casting furnaces of every make and ensures the production of superior-quality aluminium.


A porous refractory and aluminium-resistant stone is integrated in a gas-impermeable surround in the base of the furnace. Although porous, the stone prevents the penetration of any aluminium. A gas pipe leads into its underside. This is used to convey the cleaning gas which emerges from a gas control station into the porous stone, forming beads on the hot side in the form of fine bubbles.


  • Improved cleanliness and homogeneity of the bath contents
  • Typical density index value: approx. 1.5
  • Reduction of other inclusions (STIC) by approx. 80%
  • Minimised temperature differences above the bath height
  • Higher furnace capacity

Superior-quality aluminium

Temporary operation of the furnace is also possible without cleaning gas. The advantage is that the stones have a particularly long service life – and recommissioning is problem-free. Argon is mainly used as a fuel gas. However, nitrogen can also be used as a cleaning gas if nitride formation (e.g. with magnesium) is not anticipated. The result is excellent: The aluminium is of a particularly high quality.

Three operating modes

The results in the furnace depend directly of the gas volume. Fundamentally speaking, there are three operating modes in this respect:

  • Degassing, i.e. a low gas volume to reduce hydrogen in the bath
  • Mixing/rinsing, i.e. a large gas volume for intensive mixing / cleaning of the bath
  • Cleaning, i.e. a high gas pressure for periodic cleaning of the stone

Any casting furnace can be retrofitted with Alu-Treat©.

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