Casting systems

Casting systems

Innovative foundry technology for round billets and rolling ingots

Mould table for 24 aluminium billets

Our partnership with swiss-cast engineering enables us to provide individually developed casting machinery for round billets and rolling ingots. Our specialities include hard alloys and large diameters, and we also supply adjustable casting moulds for rolling ingots.

Fully automatic process

The casting process is completely automatic – with internal casting cylinders and control systems for media supply. Freely programmable casting recipe management and continuous monitoring of process data ensure the achievement of a superior-quality product.

Uncompromising quality

Our quality standards meet the requirements of aerospace, automotive or military standards and all reflect state-of-the-art technology. We place a particular emphasis on the following four points during the concept phase:

Conceptual approach:

  • Cast product quality
  • User friendliness of the system
  • Safety during operation
  • Meeting aerospace, automotive and military standard quality criteria

Sophisticated casting mould technology

The core element in creating a bolt of superior quality is the casting mould or coquille. This can only be achieved through sophisticated casting mould technology where all factors are precisely coordinated, namely mould concept, design and production and the control and monitoring of media flows.

Surface quality optimised with an air cushion

When it comes to the continuous casting process, we employ air/oil flow moulds, which are among the best systems available. Molten aluminium is fed to one or more moulds in this respect. The goal is to attain the highest surface quality possible, and this is achieved by building up an air cushion between the still molten aluminium and the moulded part. This reduces the heat loss through the mould walls, thus improving the solidification process on the surface of the ingots.

Coordinated mould design

The structure of moulds depends on the alloys to be cast. Our casting lines have a flexible layout – individually configured to meet aerospace, automotive or military standards.

Material dimensions

Depending on the alloy involved, we can supply cast products in the following sizes:

  • Bolt diameters: from 50–1,000 mm
  • Ingots: 2,400 x 640 mm
  • Casting weights: up to 80 t/drop

A high degree of user friendliness

The system user interface is designed for maximum user comfort and simple understanding. It consists of software modules, which are easy to use and enable the inputting of recipes and the monitoring of process data. Large displays that can be easily read ensure clear visualisation.


  • Laser-controlled level monitoring of the bath surface
  • Fully automatic emergency discharge system for power failures
  • Continuous temperature measurement in the molten metal / cooling water circuit
  • Remote control and problem analysis


  • Degassing units
  • Filter systems
  • Grain refinement
  • Water treatment
  • Lifting gear
  • Heating systems

Product sheet casting systems
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