Thermal metal treatment and waste treatment

Production line, 240t aluminium per day

Versatile system engineering solutions

We develop and supply a broad range of industrial furnace and firing systems for use in numerous areas, including industry, melting and smelting of metals and process engineering applications. A further area of application is in thermal waste disposal. You can also count on our continued support after implementation of your system. Our service for furnace systems means that you enjoy our support during maintenance work, repairs and conversion measures.

Thermal metal treatment

  • A broad spectrum of industrial furnace systems (development and design)
  • Calcination of raw aluminium
  • Aluminium recycling technology
  • Treatment of recycled lead and copper
  • Treatment of sheet material in galvanising plants

Waste treatment

We develop individual concepts for waste and soil treatment for energy production.


W2G© (Waste to gas)
Rotary kiln pyrolysis is utilised as an upstream system for a coal-fired power station for the treatment of household or industrial waste.

High heat value household and commercial waste is suitable for pyrolysis, as the process renders it useful. The products created, pyrolysis gas and coke, are supplied directly as fuel to the power station – where they replace the regular fuel. Metals contained in the waste are separated and can be recycled.

Hydrothermal / Sewage sludge

W2P© (waste to pulverised fuel)
The W2P© system is a hydrothermal process. It enables the practical and efficient treatment of residual waste and sewage sludge to create solid fuel. This is realised with steam and pressure, with the initial material being pulverised into dusty coal (the energy technology equivalent of lignite). The coal dust and the sterile residual materials (e.g. metals, glass and rubber) which can be recycled further are separated during this process.

Versatile use:
W2P© has versatile uses – directly on site. For your own energy exploitation and, finally, for the recirculation of residual waste from existing dumps and energy supply of cement furnaces, power stations, etc.


  • Low temperatures (to 250 ºC), no (!) combustion
  • Volume and weight reduction
  • No (!) harmful substances such as NOx, dioxins, furan
  • Sterile (!) production
  • Final product is fuel (suitable for use in dust burners)
  • Recycling of cleansed residual materials (e.g. metal, glass, rubber)

It is a batch process..

Soil treatment

Treatment of contaminated soil
Contaminated soil can be cleaned today in the interest of environmental protection – both where it is found and at other central installations. The soil is thermally treated in a rotary kiln for this purpose, converting organic substances to gases which are subsequently incinerated. The soil cleaned in this manner can now be taken back to the location it was found.

Rotary kiln / indirect heating
Waste heat exploitation (e.g. to pre-dry the contaminated soil)
Flue gas cleansing – in compliance with EU directives

Special waste

Special waste incineration:
Rotary kiln systems are used for solid and liquid residues which must be thermally treated.

  • Thermal treatment of special waste (e.g. from the chemical industry)
  • Practical closed energy and material loops
  • Different incineration concepts (rotary kiln furnace, combustion chamber, etc.)

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