Casting furnace GO

Holding and melting furnace

Casting furnace GO45 with PulsReg® RB3000

The casting furnace GO is a hydraulically driven tilting furnace that is used for the preparation and post-treatment of aluminium. Designed primarily as a holding furnace, it can also be interpreted as a melting furnace. Heating is usually carried out via PulsReg® regenerators with hot air burners that are matched to the size of the furnace. Heating with electricity or with cold air burners is also possible. The size of the furnace and bath capacity is variable – depending on requirements.


  • Innovative design ensures a safe investment
  • Economic operation:
    • Heat recovery with high combustion air pre-warming using regenerative burner systems
  • Environmentally friendly:
    • through clean combustion
    • through the low oxygen atmosphere in the furnace
  • Flexible:
    • through adaptable furnace geometry
  • „Level Control“ – Precise level control:
    • A constant level of liquid metal in the launder is ensured throughout the entire casting process
    • The casting spouts can also be arranged on the cleaning door side

Exhaust gas temperature

If regenerative burners are used the exhaust gas temperature is below 220 °C.

Less dross formation

The casting furnace has a relatively low bath surface which reduces the formation of dross. The large bath access door facilitates drossing and skimming work.

Best-quality metal

Each casting furnace can be equipped or retrofitted with the Alu-Treat© system bringing significant improvements in the metal quality. This system sees the floor of the bath lined with porous plugs that enable continuous treatment of the metal. The arrangement with Alu-Treat© is according to your needs and requirements.

Programmable control

The system is controlled by a Siemens S7, in which the entire system and all
necessary data are visualised.

Product sheet Casting furnace GO
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